What we do:

  1. San Diego-Mammoth Half Marathon; Third Weekend in June; Volunteer Assistance in the run event,
  2. Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast; Pancake Breakfast as a fundraiser, breakfast available to all members of the public,
  3. Fishing Derby; Mid-July; Lions has a booth to serve complimentary coffee, water and donuts to all participants at the derby. The derby is a fishing event in the ponds at Snow Creek which are stocked with trout for children,
  4. Gran Fondo Century Bike Ride; Second Saturday in September; Lions participate at an aid station for riders in the 100-mile bike ride in the June Lake area,
  5. Trails for tails Dog Walk; Mid-September; A dog walk event of up to 3 miles open to all members of the public to promote responsible dog ownership in the Eastern Sierra,
  6. Fishing Docks at the Lakes Basin; All summer long; Providing docks and platforms for use by the general public at Twin Lakes in the Lakes Basins for a safe place to fish and views of the beautiful Eastern Sierra,
  7. Outdoor picnic and reading area benches, tables and other improvements at the library,
  8. Adopt-A-Highway; Spring, Summer, and Fall; Clean-up along Highway 203 / Main Street and at the entrance to town.
  9. Leo’s Club Sponsorship; Providing support and guidance to the young adults in our community who want to volunteer and give back.

What we support:

  1. Scholarship donations to graduating high school seniors and graduates of the Community College who plan on attending a four-year college,
  2. Monetary book awards to graduating high school seniors and graduates of the Community College who plan on attending a four-year college,
  3. Mammoth Lakes High School speaker contest: Awards to all participants of the contest and support to students who move on to the district contest and further.
  4. Collecting used eyeglasses, hearing aids, cell phones, and music storage devices for donation to those who need assistance,
  5. Sponsorship and financial assistance to those who cannot afford adequate eye care including examinations, screenings, and new eyeglasses,
  6. Financial assistance to patients and family members in hospice,
  7. Regular donations to the Arts and non-profits such as the Felici Trio, Chamber Music Unbound, Mammoth Lakes Film Festival, Mammoth Lakes Foundation, Disabled Sports of the Eastern Sierra.
  8. Veterans Day at the Mammoth Lakes Fire Station; provide assistance for the event at the Fire station on Veterans Day that gives appreciation to all our military veterans.
  9. Support to our fellow Lions of the Bishop Lions Club at their Labor Day event at the Fairgrounds providing free lunches to all students within the Bishop School District.